Welcome to Nordik Light

Fashion jewellery to high street brands

Nordik Light was founded in October 2005 by Mari-Ann Pesula, who is the owner, director and creative force behind the company.

She has been designing fashion jewellery ever since, supplying numerous High Street fashion brands throughout the years. Finally she has decided to take her extensive fashion design experience, and bring the Nordik Light brand to life, showing all of her fantastic designs to the world.

Mari-Ann was born in Sweden, and spent her childhood and early adult years among the wild nature in the very north of the country. She moved to the UK bringing her Swedish heritage with her, which is duly reflected in the name of the company she founded all those years ago.

Mari-Ann is poised to branch out into the design and sale of a new range of items, including handbags, scarves and other fashion accessories, that will become part of the expanded Nordik Light brand offering.

Mari-Ann Pesula Nordik Lights
nordik lights nothern lights
Nordik Light gets it’s name from the Aurora Borealis, which also is referred to as Northern Lights. You can experience this phenomenon lighting up the sky during the polar night winter, which only occurs in the arctic region of our planet.

From this breathtaking area of the world, where winter brings darkness for almost 24 hours a day, and the midnight sun lights up the summer around the clock, Mari-Ann draws the inspiration for many of her styles. The colours and feel of her designs are equally unique to the area from which she draws her inspiration from.

The Nordik Light range will always be trend-led, but still have it’s unique feel, to bring you that special piece of fashion accessory. Mari-Ann’s unique touch, combined with the rest of her staff’s dedication, ensures you a unique fashion experience.

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